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Health & Safety Policy

Warren Services understands that complying with the Health and Safety at Work,etc.Act 1974 (and regulations made under it) is a legal requirement and upholds a full and proactive commitment to meet or exceed the statutes contained within the act. We strongly believe that individuals, either working as part of or coming into contact with the organisation, have an inherent right to expect the highest levels of diligence and care.

Warren Services Ltd will make proper provision for the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees, contractors, visitors and others that may be affected by the Company’s undertakings. We will work within the requirements of OHAS 18001:2007 to ensure these objectives are attained.Continuous improvement will be achieved by setting objectives and goals, by monitoring performance and auditing against these and legislative standards.

All new activities and tasks will be assessed to ensure adequate provisions are in place to protect employee safety, health and the environment, so far as is reasonably practicable. All existing activities and tasks will be subject to an on-going process of risk assessment with the objective of eliminating risk wherever reasonably practicable. As a principle, the policy of the Company is to control risks by substituting safer materials or processes wherever reasonably practicable.

All levels of management are responsible for ensuring this policy is enacted, receiving equal priority with all other aspects of Company activity. Deployment and implementation will be via line management who will involve all employees in achieving the Company’s objectives. To supplement this, a system of consultation with employees will be maintained to stimulate continuous improvement and promote good health, safety, welfare and environmental conditions.

All employees are expected to accept their responsibility to work safely, by adhering to safety rules and work procedures, using any Personal Protective Equipment provided, and generally contributing to the maintenance of safe and healthy conditions. In addition, all employees are expected to be environmentally responsible.

The Company will provide appropriate Health and Safety training to employees so that they are able to meet all objectives. The Company will also ensure that adequate provision is made to supply management with competent advice on Health and Safety issues.

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